Advanced LUMA Cream

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(1 customer review)



This is an advanced one-of-a-kind cream that has a compounded formula to help brighten skin tone, and target specific skin concerns, such as sun damage and hyperpigmentation. The LUMA Cream utilizes Arbutin, Retin-A, and robust antioxidants with AHA to brighten uneven skin tone, lighten pigmentation, and help increase cell turnover to provide a healthy glow and revealing a fresh radiant appearance.


This cream is compounded in the office and made specifically for each patient based on your skin concerns. If you’re interested in purchasing our LUMA Cream, a consultation by Dr. Ostad is required. Use as directed by Dr. Ostad.
Contains Arbutin, Retin- A and robust antioxidants with AHA

1 review for Advanced LUMA Cream

  1. Tracy Shackelford

    I’ve got to share my excitement about LUMA Cream – it’s like a superhero for your skin! This cream has this special mix with Arbutin, Retin-A, and strong antioxidants, plus something called AHA that makes your skin look fresh and radiant. I had issues with sun damage and dark spots, but LUMA seriously worked wonders. Believe it or not, it made my skin glow! If you’re after a cream that does some real superhero stuff for your skin, LUMA is the way to go. Your skin will thank you for sure!

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